The ACIS CCD group at MIT's Center for Space Research (CSR) is a part of the larger X-ray CCD group at CSR and also part of the team developing ACIS under NASA's AXAF project.

The ACIS Group Resources

* ACIS group member listings
* On-Line Data via Anonymous FTP
* Publications
* Presentations

CCD Calibration Results

* ACIS Preliminary Calibration Report (Outline of MIT contributions)
* Our Calibration Instruments

* Calibration Results

* Current Chip List

Internal Documents

* Memo#1-20
* Memo#21-40
* Memo#41-60
* Memo#61-80
* Memo#81-100
* Memo#101-120
* Memo#121-140
* Memo#141-160
* Memo#161-180
* Memo#181-200


* Other Memos

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