ACIS Internal Memo 81-100

PS 81 (7/27/95) GYP
ACIS CCD Tuning Plan
PS 82 (9/11/95) GYP
Notes on the Bias Frame Pixel Statistics of the L-Box Controlled CCD
PS 83 (9/13/95) MWB
Estimate of ACIS CCD Radiation Damage; from MSFC
PS 84 (9/20/95) SEK
"Some Prperties of the SI-Edge Spectrometer" S. Kitamoto/S. Kissel
PS 85 (9/25/95) MWB
Prioritized CCD Calibration Requirements and Measurement Plan
PS 86 (9/26/95) SJONES
Background Measurements with a CCID 17
PS 87 (9/26/95) TI
Point Spread Functions
PS 88 (9/29/95) SJONES
Measuring Mn L line from 55Fe as a Contamination Monitor
PS 89 (10/10/95) MFSC
AXAF Flight Contamination Monitors Development Requirements
PS 90 (10/11/95) HLM
Status of PGT Si(Li) Detector
PS 91 (10/16/95) GYP
Backside Illuminated Chip in the HIREFS Chamber
PS 92 (10/18/95) TI
Simulation Studies of CCD Parameter Error Propagations on Source Model Parameters
PS 93 (10/31/95) ARASMUS
BESSY Data Pileup Monitor and Corrections
PS 94 (10/31/95) TI
Results from Bessy April and May Data
PS 95 (11/09/95) TI
Backup software for DLT drives
PS 96 (11/29/95) GYP
CCD gain stability
PS 97 (12/19/95) GYP
CCD gain stability, frontside illminated device
PS 98 (12/29/95) MWB
Proposed Bessy Measurement Schedule for 1996
PS 99 (1/31/96) MWB
Presentation Materials for 1/23/96 Team Meeting at MIT
PS 100 (2/2/96) TI
How to Save Screening Results on ohno
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