ACIS Internal Memo 41-60

PS 41 (6/17/94) GYP
Measurement of the Channel Potential on CCID 10
PS 42 (6/22/94) GYP
Measurement of the Depletion Depth of CCID 10
PS 43 (6/23/94) MWB
ACIS Contamination Control Tasks
PS 44 (6/11/94) GYP
Move on the Channel Potential and the Depletion Depth
PS 45 (7/20/94) MWB
Pixel-by-Pixel Bias Determination for ACIS?
PS 46 (7/20/94) MWB
XMM-OM Frmae Data Compression Algorithms
PS 47 (7/27/94) SJ
Examination of CM^244 as Calibration Source
PS 48 (8/1/94) MWB
ACIS Detector/Focal Plane Air Cleanliness Requirements
PS 49 (8/16/94) ARASMUS
L.L.PtSi Backside Illuminated CCID 10 Devices: Modelling the Low-Energy Spectral Responce, Diagnostics for the Backside Surface and Bulk.
PS 50 (9/15/94) PH
Contamination Experiment; Temperature Cycling - to HETG Team
PS 51 (10/11/94) MWB
Calibration Measurement Procedures
PS 52 (10/11/94) MWB
"More on Simulations" from David Lumb at PSU
PS 53 (11/15/94) MWB
Lincoln Lab CCD Handling Procedures
PS 54 (11/15/94) RF
AXAF UV Straylight Propsed Change
PS 55 (12/2/94) MWB
A Study of Isotope Products' Low Energy Radioactive Sources from CfA
PS 56 (12/1/94) RF
On Orbit Contamination Bake out Cycle Description
PS 57 (12/7/94) JWW/SEK
The Coordinate System of ACIS Fits File
PS 58 (1/9/95) MWB
Summary of Mtg at PTB/Bessy to Discuss ACIS Calibration
PS 59 (1/9/95) MWB
Some Results on PGT Si(i) Detector from Dan Dewey
PS 60 (1/9/95) JWW
ACIS Coords. J. McDowell
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