ACIS Internal Memo 181-200

PS 181 (01/10/00) BL
Resolution of ACIS Devices at -110C, -120C and -123C
PS 182 (03/08/00) CEG
Quantum efficiency of ground irradiated device as a function of row and energy
PS 183 (04/25/00) CEG
Preliminary Analysis of ACIS Squeegee Mode Test
PS 184 (05/03/00) MWB & SEK
Explanatory note on Squeegee Mode
PS 184a (05/24/00) MWB & SEK
Explanatory note on Squeegee Mode (Revised)
PS 185 (05/04/00) CEG
Analysis of Squeegee Mode Test with Corner-Pixel Bias Correction
PS 186 (05/23/00) CEG
Preliminary Analysis of Squeegee IV: 16-row squeegee preceded by full frame flush
PS 187 (05/26/00) GYP
Squeegee mode: bias stability, trap time constants and related stuff
PS 188 (05/31/00) BL & SEK
"Squeegee" Mode Survey on w459c1
PS 189 (06/28/00) GYP
Squeegee bias on I0, S0 and w459c1
PS 191 (08/15/00) MWB & CEG
Choosing an ACIS Squeegee Mode DRAFT
PS 192 (10/13/00) CEG & SEK
Column to column variations in squeegee mode
PS 193 (01/03/01) MWB & GYP
Simple charge loss model (Revised)
PS 194 (01/12/01) CEG
ACIS background flares and Chandra orbital position
PS 195 (02/12/01) CEG
Long-term stability of ACIS gain
PS 196 (01/15/02) BL
Stability of Averages of ACIS Bias Files DRAFT
PS 197 (03/20/02) CEG
Flight experience with bakeouts
PS 198 (04/03/02) CEG
Estimating the long time constant
PS 199K (updated 09/03/02) BL
Charge Injection Test on ACIS
PS 200 (04/19/02) CEG
Preliminary Sacrificial Charge Correction
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