ACIS Group Member

Mailing Address:
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139

BAGANOFF, Frederick
Please don't feed the postdoc!

Office: 37-558
Tel: (617) 253-6892

He is the boss. He handles all red tapes from everywhere. If something went wrong, blame him.

Office: 37-521
Tel: (617) 253-0023

ISOBE, Takashi
He sits in front of a computer and sleep. Do not wake him up.

Office: 37-558
Tel: (617) 253-7396

JONES, Stephen
He plays with X-ray sources. He may be radioactive!

Office: 37-662b
Tel: (617) 253-0320

He does everything in lab. If something breaks down. Call him up. Just do not forget give him nice Japanese sake afterword.

Office: 37-501
Tel: (617) 253-7242

MANNING, Herbert
He is really busy with a new baby. Do not bother him. He needs to sleep once in a while.

Office: 37-558
Tel: (617) 258-8296

He solves all problems of which most of us cannot handle. Fred help!

Office: 37-540
Tel: (617) 253-3825

He is the CCD expert of the group. He lives with the CCD. If a CCD chip missing, he might eat it for snack.

Office: 37-662d
Tel: (617) 253-7246

He is a precious slave labor in our group. He does not have life outside of astronomy.

Office: 37-524
Tel: (617) 253-7466

Other Helpful People

HANLON, Rosemary
She is the real boss. If you have a question, call her.

Office: 37-538
Tel: (617) 253-8433

He is now back to East Coast. He is at Columbia U. in NYC. He left many useful pieces of software, but we cannot find them where they are....

WOO, Jonathan
He defected to ASC. But he is in charge of analysis software. All bugs are his mistakes. Blame him.

LaMarr, Beverly
She changed her name! We still want to call her Fergason, but she insists to call herself LaMarr. She is one of the migrant workers from NE80. She has to take aerobics class twice a week (usually Tus. & Thu.); so do not give her extra work on that days.

Office: NE80-6005
Tel: (617) 258-8153

Plucinsky, Paul
He is a migrant worker from CfA. Too bad, if he stay at CfA, he has an easier life, but he loves hard labor.

Office: at CfA
Tel: (617) 496-7726

Glotfelty, Kenny J.
He appears a few times a week at Lab. He created an important pice of software. It usually works well, but if it does not, everyone screms on him. Another lucky guy.

Office: at CfA
Tel: (617) 496-7773

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