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Installing ISIS on MacOS X


Basic Instructions

  1. Make sure your system software is up to date.
    • Repeatedly run Software Update until no new software is available.
    • Download and install the latest Xcode.
  2. Install a compatible set of compilers for C, C++ and Fortran (eg. gcc, g++ and gfortran).

    Xcode provides C and C++ compilers (gcc and g++), but it does not provide a Fortran compiler. While a number of sources provide compilers for the Mac, it is sometimes difficult to find a set of compilers that are compatible with each other and that can also compile HEASOFT correctly.

    Most people who use ISIS also wish to use the XSPEC spectral model library from HEASOFT. For that reason, it is usual to choose compilers from among those supported by HEASOFT.

  3. Build XSPEC from source, making sure to apply all the current software patches.
  4. Follow the usual installation instructions to compile and install ISIS from the source code. It is important to use the same compilers that were used to build XSPEC.

Mac Install FAQ

Q1. Why am I seeing "libX11 not found"?

Q1. Why am I seeing "libX11 not found"?

A1. Depending on how you installed X-windows, the X11 libraries may be in a non-standard location, possibly resulting in an error message saying, e.g. "libX11 not found". One solution is to provide the correct path to your X11 files when you run configure, for example:

    ./configure --with-headas=$HEADAS \
                --x-libraries=/usr/X11/lib \

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