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S-lang/ISIS Timing Analysis Routines (SITAR) Downloads


The downloads here are ascii files containing S-lang subroutines and functions, suitable for running in ISIS. Only the main code needs to be downloaded for running the basic routines. Downloading the GSL module from the S-Lang Modules Packages page provides access to the Gregory & Loredo algorithm, as well as additional statistical functionality for the Bayesian Blocks routine and for the epoch folding test. (See the descriptions of these individiual routines to learn more.)

We also provide here scripts that reproduce many of the results found on the examples pages.

Main Code:

Save the appropriate file as In ISIS, type either isis> ()=evalfile("sitar"); or isis> require("sitar"); . The subroutines will then be available for use.

Or better yet, get the most up to date version of the code from the Remeis Observatory ISIS scripts.

Example Scripts:

These routines are specific to the examples. As such, you won't find any descriptive headers or version numbers. They can, however, serve as a useful starting point for customization by users.

Data Files:

These files can be found linked within the specific examples to which they pertain. However, for convenience I repeat the links here. Note: below is an old version of the Her X-1 ASM data file. An up-to-date version can be found on the ASM Data Products page.

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