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S-lang/ISIS Timing Analysis Routines (SITAR) Distribution and References


SITAR is open-source software, freely distributable and modifiable by the users. Subroutines herein have greatly benefitted from the generosity and insight of others, e.g., Jeffrey Scargle for the Bayesian Blocks routines, and the IDL routines found on the web pages of the IAA-Tübingen Astronomy group. If you make custom modifications to these subroutines, please:

  • Retain copies of the relevant version history in the subroutine headers.
  • Detail changes made to the code, with date and contact information, in the headers.
  • Please don't delete journal and reference information from the headers. If you get something useful out of the subroutines, by all means reference those invented the algorithms (not me!), as well as ISIS. (The routines rely on a number of ISIS intrinsic functions.)
  • The proper references to use for citing ISIS can be found on this ISIS Web Page.

Most importantly ...

  • If you make any changes that you think will be generically useful to others, please send me the relevant changes to the code for consideration in any updates of this distribution.

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