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Citing ISIS in Publications


If you publish results generated using ISIS, please cite this ADASS article.

The ADS citation index provides a continuously updated but incomplete list of publications citing this article. A list of publications prior to July 2004 is also available; for papers before July 2004, this list is somewhat more complete than the ADS list.

Although a more recent conference proceeding reference exists, citations to this article are not as efficiently tracked by ADS, because their reference resolver program cannot reliably interpret the reference.

The ADS citation list is incomplete primarily because authors frequently do not include references to software used in their analysis. In many cases, software is used without any attribution at all. In other cases, attribution appears only in a footnote where it cannot be detected for inclusion in citation lists. This practice is unfortunate because citations are the only objective measure of how much the software is being used. If you find ISIS or any other publicly available software useful in your work, please support it by including a bibliographic reference.

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