Chandra HETG

HETG Principal Investigator: Prof. Claude R. Canizares

E0102 spectrum image

E0102 model spectrum

Chandra High Energy Transmission Grating (HETG)

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HETG GTO Science Program

In the post-launch phase of the mission, the HETG group is carrying out science investigations, using alloted Guaranteed Time Observations to study a variety of astrophysical sources. The observations in this program are listed here by category and observation cycle:

These observations can be found by searching the Chandra Data Archive by setting the PI_Name field to: Canizares.

Extended sources observed with the HETG

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One of the goals of our GTO activies is to make the most of the HETG. Observations of extended sources are more difficult to analyze and interpret than point sources (see Dewey 2002) - but they can have unique science rewards. Of the ~ 25 extended sources observed with the HETG, 16 of them are from our GTO program:

Summaries of GTO Program Science Themes

Summaries of some of our work are given below by topic. These have been taken from the "science theme" section of the HETG monthly reports (date in parentheses) that were issued in this format until Sept. 2004.

Image of Trapezium cluster "Cool Stars" (Sept. 2002)
"Hot Stars" (Oct. 2002)
"Hot&Cool Stars, II" (Nov. 2003)

Image of E0102 Supernova Remnants (May 2002)
SNRs, II (Aug 2003)
SNRs, III (Aug 2004)
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Image of Vela Pulsar Isolated Neutron Stars (Jan. 2003)

Drawing of Cygnus X-1 X-Ray Binaries (Dec. 2002)
XRBs, IIs (Dec. 2003)

Image of ISM in X-rays Interstellar Medium (Feb. 2003)

Image of cluster MS 1054 Galaxies and Clusters (Aug. 2002)

Simulated image of IGM in X-rays Intergalactic Medium (July 2002)

Image of NGC 4151 Active Galactic Nuclei and Jets (June 2002)
AGN and Jets, II (September 2003)
Hot Gas - HETG Seyfert Obs. list

reflection model Source Models (February 2004)

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