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Primary Burst Alert

HETE Primary Ground Stations

The primary ground stations' main task is to provide the uplink and downlink communication from the control center in MIT to the HETE satellite. These send the commands which provide attitude control, satellite housekeeping, science instrument control, and data recovery. Commands are sent over a high speed S-band antenna. The primary ground stations are to be distinguished from the burst alert stations, which are receive-only stations providing real-time gamma-ray burst alerts and summarized satellite housekeeping data.

There are three primary ground stations: Kwajalein (Marshall Islands), Singapore, and Cayenne (French Guiana). The Kwajalein and Singapore stations are copies of the same system, while the Cayenne station is designed by SUPAERO.

Specifications of the Kwajalein and Singapore PGS

Both stations employ a variation of the Telonics DMSP Earth station, model THRPT-2-D. The station is comprised of the following items:


The map below gives the locations and range of sensitivity of the HETE Primary Ground Stations given in the list above. The orbit track represents the HETE mission goal of an inclination of two degrees.

(image from Sattrack)

List of PGS Sites

The table below gives some information about the location and status of the HETE-2 primary ground stations.

Site Responsible
Coordinates Status
Kwajalein MIT 167.717 E, 8.717 N Up and ready to go
(French Guiana)
SUPAERO 51.9 W, 4.9 N Up and ready to go
Singapore RIKEN 103.83 E, 1.33N Up and ready to go