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The task of AXAF calibration, and ACIS calibration in particular, was the combination of the tremendous effort by many individuals and organizations. It is not practical to include the names of everyone who contributed, but the ACIS instrument team is extremely grateful for the superlative effort and great technical competence shown by the many people in Huntsville and at their home institutions who worked for many years to make the six months of twenty-four hour days of AXAF calibration at XRCF a success.

Some teams which gave support which cries out for recognition were: MSFC Project Science, the TRW Test Directors, the ASC Calibration group and third floor staff, the Gratings Science teams, the MST HXDA team, and the XRCF staff and second floor operators.

This report is a collective effort by the entire ACIS team. Prime responsibility for the authorship of the sections is as follows:

1 Introduction M. Bautz, J. Nousek
2 Data Products K. Glotfelty (ASC)
    P. Broos, B. LaMarr
3 ACIS CCD Performance M. Bautz, F. Baganoff, T. Isobe
    S. Jones, B. LaMarr, S.Kissel
    H. Manning, M. Pivovaroff, G. Prigozhin
4 ACIS OBF Performance G. Chartas, L. Townsley
5 ACIS/HRMA Performance Prediction G. Chartas, L. Townsley
    J. Nousek, R. Sambruna
6 Calibration products P. Broos, B. LaMarr

The ASC provided extensive support of CCD subassembly calibration; the efforts of K. Glotfelty, P. Plucinsky, N. Schulz, J. Woo, B. McNamara and A. Estes all made significant contributions, as did Kaori Nishikida and Catherine Grant of PSU. J. Woo collaborated on the measurement of X-ray absorbtion fine structure using thin-film replicas of the CCD gate structure. The absolute response detection efficiency measurements would not have been possible without the collaboration of G. Ulm, R. Thornagel and F. Scholze at the PTB laboratory at the BESSY synchrotron.

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Mark Bautz