Making Sunprint Photograms

In Crafting the Cosmos, we braved the Cambridge cold to make sunprint images right out on the steps of Killian Court, using UV light coming from the Sun.

The Sun

These sunprints showed the Sun at many different views of the Sun, using images of the Sun taken with the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory as our source material. You can downloaded SDO images of the Sun from any day since it began observing in 2010, as well as timelapse movies showing how active and wild the Sun can is.

Colors and Light

The cyanotype paper we were using is most sensitive to UV and blue light. By playing with different color filters, we explored which wavelengths of light had the biggest effect. For many years, astronomers used photographic plates to record observations, using a process related to our cyanotypes -- the details of how various photosensitive emulsisons respond to light has been an important issue in astronomy!


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