The 16th Annual New England Regional Quasar/AGN Meeting

Place: Stata Center, room 32-141, MIT, Cambridge, MA

Date: Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

Time: 08:45 - 18:00

Contributors include:   Carolin Cardimone, Ritaban Chatterjee, Francesca D'Arcangelo, Martin Elvis, Dan Evans, Eric Gawiser, Jonathan Gelbord, Paul Green, Jonathan Grindlay, Dan Harris, Ryan Hickox, Svetlana Jorstad, Hermine Landt, Darryl Leiter, Colin Lonsdale, Alan Marscher, Herman Marshall, Paul Nulsen, Alexander Richardson, Rudolph Schild, Brooke Simmons, Shanil Virani, Suwicha Wannawichian, John Wardle, Belinda Wilkes, Andy Young

Additional posters or news announcements would be very welcome;
late talk submissions will no longer be considered.

The final program and the list of submitted abstracts are now available.

Logistical details:

Contact persons: Jonathan Gelbord and Herman Marshall (e-mail "jonathan" and "hermanm", both at space.mit.edu).

Part of the New England Regional Quasar and AGN Meeting series.