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About myself: I'm currently a research scientist with Eureka Scientific, Inc., where I conduct NASA-suppored astronomical investigations using both archival and new observational data. Previously, I was a member of the research faculty at the Penn State University Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics, where I had joined the Swift satellite operations team in 2009. Before that, I had postdoctoral research positions with the Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology group in the Durham University Department of Physics and the Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research at MIT. I earned my doctorate from the Johns Hopkins Department of Physics and Astronomy and my undergraduate degree from Yale University.

My research is primarily focused on multiwavelength observational studies of active galactic nuclei (AGN), although my interests also include X-ray emission from star-forming galaxies, astronomical surveys, AGN variability and more generally transient phenomena. The subjects of my research programs include:

Some of the research tools I have developed may be found on my research page, along with a complete listing of my publications.

When I'm not working there's a good chance I'll be on a road trip or helping my wife with her business, Conscious Elegance (eco-friendly wedding dresses and sustainable bridalwear, custom made using organic, environmentally-friendly and reclaimed materials). Otherwise, I'm still discovering the joys of home ownership, which seems to be a hobby in itself...

The best way to reach me is via e-mail at jonathan [AT] eurekasci [DOT] com (please forgive the written-out address; I'm trying to elude the spam-bot e-mail sniffers...).

My link collection is the web page I've put the most effort into, as it's the one I use for my startup page. It looks best when viewed with a browser that supports tables and frames (e.g., Netscape 2.2¹ or later). Of course, if you're still using a browser that doesn't support frames, then you've got bigger problems than whether you can load my pages...

¹The fact that Netscape 2.2 was a cutting-edge browser when I first wrote the above statement is a clue to how long ago that was...


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