Relativistic Jets from the Black Hole in SS 433

Press Release and Supporting Information

The press release is available here in PDF form. Also available is the presentation (a 1.2MB file) by Herman Marshall and Laura Lopez for the press conference at the Atlanta meeting of the American Astronomical Society meeting on January 5, 2004. A somewhat larger (1.7MB) movie form (in .mov format) has all the animations.

Here are some of the images from the press conference presentation and the artist rendering by Kimberly Kowal of the Chandra X-ray Center. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions.

Artist rendering by Kimberly Kowal

Schematic showing how the jet appearance changed between Chandra observations of SS 433. See the press conference pdf for an explanation.

Part of the image used to determine the radius of the companion star that is then used to compute the mass of the black hole. See the press conference pdf for an explanation.

For further information about this web page or high resolution X-ray spectroscopy of SS 433, see Herman L. Marshall (hermanm at

January 5, 2004