Sagittarius A* and the Galactic Center Press Releases and Articles

Press Releases:

Chandra Discovers X-ray Source at the Center of Our Galaxy

Scientists Discover Supernova May Control Activity in the Center of Our Galaxy

Chandra Catches Milky Way Monster Snacking

Newspaper and Magazine Articles:

MIT News Release: MIT scientists discover X-ray source associated with black hole at the center of our galaxy

MIT Tech Talk: MIT scientists present plethora of astronomy findings

MIT Tech Talk: Supernova shock wave may regulate activity in galaxy center

MIT Tech Talk: Chandra catches Milky Way monster snacking on matter

Astronomy Picture of the Day: 2000 January 20 - X-rays from the Galactic Center

Astronomy Picture of the Day: 2001 September 10 - Galactic Center Flicker Indicates Black Hole

Science@NASA: A Monster in the Middle

Science@NASA: Black Hole Snacks

NY Times: Evidence Points to Black Hole at Center of the Milky Way

NY Times: Week in Review Sept. 2-8

Washington Post: Black Hole at Milky Way's Core?

CNN: Milky Way black hole spotted, sized

CBS News: Einstein is Probably Right (Again)

Science: A Wink from the Milky Way's Core Edge of Darkness: Milky Way's Black Hole `Seen' in X-rays Chandra X-ray Observatory Reveals a Salad of Celestial Wonders

Astronomy: Milky Way Black Hole Caught Snacking

Astronomy: Supernova Remnant Found in Milky Way's Core

Sky and Telescope: Smoking Gun for Milky Way's Black Hole

Scientific Papers:

Rapid X-ray Flaring from the Direction of the Supermassive Black Hole at the Galactic Centre

A Chandra Study of Sgr A East: A Supernova Remnant Regulating the Activity of Our Galactic Center?

Chandra X-ray Spectroscopic Imaging of Sgr A* and the Central Parsec of the Galaxy

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