Bulent Kiziltan Harvard LogoMy research focuses on compact objects; mainly neutron stars, pulsars, supernova remnants and related phenomena. I am also interested in the evolution of white dwarfs, stellar-mass black holes; the formation,   evolution and dynamics of globular clusters

I use multi-wavelength data to probe diverse aspects of stellar and cluster evolution. I also use Bayesian statistical methods in conjunction with stellar population synthesis modules to constrain bulk properties of stellar populations.

Recently, I have gotten interested in developing time-series analysis techniques, particularly tailored for detecting very faint periodic fluctuations in astronomical data which are applicable to a wide range of astronomical problems.

Talks & Presentations...

  • A recent interview on Turkish national TV - TRT advocating science education and investing into space and astronomy. And of course preaching the beauty of neutron stars!: [...Part-1...], [...Part-2...]
    TRT Bulent Kiziltan
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  • A TV interview on science, philosophy, Higgs, Big Bang and other controversial topics on Turkish national TV - channel AHaber [...URL...]

    AHaber Bulent Kiziltan
    TED Bulent Kiziltan
  • "The Neutron Star Mass Distribution", Kiziltan, Kottas & Thorsett, 2010 [...Details...]
  • "Millisecond Pulsar Ages: implications of Binary Evolution & a Maximum Spin Limit ", Kiziltan & Thorsett, 2009 [...Details...]
  • "Constraints on Pulsar Evolution: The Joint Period-Spindown Distribution of Millisecond Pulsars", Kiziltan & Thorsett, 2009, ADS, [...Detail...]
  • "Suprising Trove of Gamma-Ray Pulsars", an article in the Sky & Telescope magazine:
  • ...Bülent Kiziltan and Steve Thorsett (University of California, Santa Cruz) showed that different millisecond pulsars must form by at least two distinct processes. But the nature of the second process remains a mystery... [...Details...]


  • U. of California, Santa Cruz, Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics ranked 1st in the US., arXiv, [...Details...]