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How radiatively inefficient is a radiatively-inefficient accretion flow? Using magnetized neutron stars to test accretion models (Speaker: Caroline D'Angelo, University of Leiden)

produces strong luminosity variations, similar to variations seen in both accreting neutron stars and protostars. This new picture of accretion onto magnetic fields changes our understanding of accretion at very…

Thesis defense presented by Jessamyn Allen: "Accretion Flows and Neutron Star Heating in X-ray Binaries"

Thesis Committee: Professors Deepto Chakrabarty (Chair), Claude Canizares & Nevin Weinberg Abstract:X-ray binaries are test beds for studies of high-energy accretion flows and the properties of compact objects. Accreting neutron…

Raining on Black Holes and Galaxies: Chaotic Cold Accretion Driving AGN Feedback (speaker: Massimo Gaspari, Princeton University)

Abstract: Accretion and feedback tied to supermassive black holes play central role in the cosmic evolution of galaxies, groups, and clusters. The self-regulation mechanism, that is how to link feedback…

Two Talks! Simulating state transitions in black hole accretion flows (speaker: Olek Sadowski); Rates of Tidal Disruption Events: Both Too High and Too Low (speaker: Nick Stone, Columbia)

Simulating state transitions in black hole accretion flows Olek Sadowski, MIT Abstract:Galactic BH X-ray binaries often undergo state transitions during which their luminosities and spectrum significantly change. Accretion in distinct…


…Data System with a Central Node located at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and a set of Discipline Nodes at other sites. The Center housed that part of the Geosciences Node

Reverberation Mapping of AGN Accretion Disks (speaker: Michael Fausnaugh, Ohio State)

Reverberation mapping is a well-established method for measuring the masses of super-massive black holes in AGN. This technique can also be used to probe the temperature structure of AGN accretion

Unraveling black hole spin

…black holes — those with and without jets — feature accretion disks, the clumps of dust and gas rotating just outside the event horizon. By examining the light reflected in…

Studying the Properties of Accretion Disks and Coronae in Black Hole X-Ray Binaries with Monte Carlo Simulation

1 Astrophysical Journal Yao, Y. and Zhang, S.N. and Zhang, X. and Feng, Y. and Robinson, C.R. 1 9488 Yao, Y. and Zhang, S.N. and Zhang, X….

Quiescent accretion disks in black hole X-ray novae

1 Astrophysical Journal Orosz, J.A. and Bailyn, C.D. and Remillard, R.A. and McClintock, J.E. and Foltz, C.B. 12 8897 Orosz, J.A. and Bailyn, C.D. and Remillard, R.A….

Heating in an Extended Accretion Disk Corona Along the Z-Pattern in Cyg X-2

1 Astrophysical Journal, Letters Schulz, N.S. and Huenemoerder, D.P. and Ji, L. and Nowak, M. and Yao, Y. and Canizares, C.R. 2 9446 Schulz, N.S. and Huenemoerder,…