Vogelsberger Group: Computational Structure and Galaxy Formation

We make extensive use of high-performance supercomputers to study structure and galaxy formation, dark matter physics, and large-scale hydrodynamical simulations. Our goal is to develop predictive large-scale galaxy formation models and simulations to understand how structures and galaxies form in the Universe.

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Cosmology and galaxy formation only recently entered their golden age with an enormous amount of observational data becoming available.  This allows detailed tests of theories of structure formation in the Universe.  The combination of ever more sophisticated observations, theoretical models, and powerful supercomputer simulations have led to a better understanding of how galaxies and structure in the Universe have formed.  Large-scale cosmological galaxy formation simulations play a crucial role in this process.  We develop galaxy formation models for these large-scale simulations and confront the output of these simulations with observational data.  We also develop new methods to extend and improve galaxy formation models.  We also explore dark matter scenarios beyond cold dark matter by performing and developing new simulations of alternative dark matter models.  Some of these models are capable of solving outstanding small-scale problems of the cold dark matter paradigm.



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