Contact Information

I’m a first year PhD. student at MIT. I grew up in New Delhi, India and graduated from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Berhampur with an Integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s in Science with a major in Physics and a minor in Chemistry. I am intrigued by the worlds outside of our Solar system, popularly known as ‘exoplanets’. I study planetary interiors and atmospheres, orbital dynamics, and demographics of exoplanetary systems. I’m also interested in stellar physics, particularly, gravitational interactions such as tides and resonances in binary stars, stellar activity, star spot evolution and their morphology. When I’m not doing research, I enjoy playing basketball and table tennis. 
Research areas – Exoplanet: atmospheres, formation and evolution, Tidal physics, hot Jupiters, polar Neptunes, M-dwarfs, flares, star spot distributions