Pappalardo Postdoctoral Fellow

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Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, Rodriguez received his B.A in physics from Reed College in Portland, Oregon. As a graduate student at Northwestern, he has worked with Prof. Fred Rasio on modeling globular clusters and with Prof. Vicky Kalogera on gravitational-wave parameter estimation. His dissertation focused on the interface between the two subjects. In his free time, Carl enjoys rock climbing and backpacking.

Carl Rodriguez studies the dynamics of dense star clusters, such as globular clusters and galactic nuclei, with a particular interest in the formation and dynamics of black holes in these systems. As part of his Ph.D. work, Rodriguez showed that these systems behave as factories for binary black holes, forming large numbers of sources detectible by the new generation of gravitational-wave telescopes. He is currently a Pappalardo Fellow in physics, exploring how to use gravitational-waves to answer fundamental questions in astrophysics, such as how stars form in clusters and how massive stars evolve.