Contact Information

Daniele Michilli obtained his MSc degree at La Sapienza University, Rome and Ph.D. at the University of Amsterdam, after which he worked at McGill University in Montreal with a Banting Fellowship.
Daniele’s research focuses on fast radio bursts, mysterious flashes of radio waves visible from across the universe. Daniele aims to discover a large sample of fast radio bursts and study them in detail to discover their origin. To this end, he has used multiple facilities and developed various software to find, among other things, fast radio bursts at the lowest frequencies, with the highest Faraday rotation, the closest to Earth outside of the Milky Way, and the only known with a periodic signal. Daniele is interested in using fast radio bursts as probes to study the Universe, for example, with gravitationally lensed sources.
Daniele is part of the CHIME/FRB Collaboration using the CHIME radio telescope to discover hundreds of fast radio bursts per year. He leads the processing of the voltages measured by the telescope’s antennas to study the properties of detected fast radio bursts. In particular, he is interested in localizing the sources using these voltage data, other than measuring their polarization properties and morphology in detail.