Contact Information

I am a TESS postdoctoral associate at MKI. I received my PhD in Astronomy from the University of British Columbia in 2020.
My research is primarily focused on the detection of transiting exoplanets and the statistical determination of exoplanet demographics. For my PhD, I developed an independent pipeline to search archival Kepler data for new exoplanets, and estimated exoplanet occurrence rates from my planet catalogue including the abundance of potentially habitable planets around Sun-like stars. I am particularly interested in improving techniques for deriving and modeling exoplanet occurrence rates, such as through the application of approximate Bayesian computation and combining constraints from multiple types of surveys and exoplanet detection methods in a joint analysis. I am also interested in developing fully automated vetting pipelines and characterizing catalogue false positive rates.
I am committed to science outreach, and have given dozens of talks, hosted science workshops, and participated in podcasts aimed at the general public, high school students, and university students since I was an undergraduate.

Research Areas and Instrumentation