Torres Postdoctoral Fellow

Contact Information

Xu (Chelsea) Huang received her PhD in astronomy & astrophysics from Princeton University in 2015. Her PhD thesis was on “Synergies of ground and space based Transit Surveys”, supervised by Professor Gaspar Bakos. She was the Dunlap/CPS fellow in the University of Toronto in 2016. Now she is a Torres Fellow working on the detection and characterization of transiting exoplanets.    

Chelsea has a broad range of research interests. She developed many tools to achieve state of art photometry precision, and detect transiting planets from ground (HATNet) and space (Kepler/K2) based transit survey data. She also developed software tools to characterize the gravity darkening signal and oblateness signal in the Kepler light curves. She is interested to understand the stars themselves as well. She was a key contributor to revise the age of Hyades using stellar Isochron taken into account rotational effect.

Recently, she is interested in study statistics of planets from her detections. She is especially interested in the relation between giant planets and small planets. She identified that Warm Jupiter to be a unique population of giant planets to be coexists with super Earth companions.

She will devote a significant amount of her time at MIT in preparation for the TESS mission. She is working as a main contributor for the TESS full frame image photometry, planet detection and data validation pipeline.  

Research Areas and Instrumentation