Contact Information

Ehud is a professor of physics visiting from the Technion, Israel.

His research revolves around experimental high energy astrophysics, and observing the most violent events in the universe.
In particular, he studies accreting black holes, stellar explosions, and plasma under extreme conditions.
His group developed the GALI detector, which introduced an innovative method for localizing gamma-ray bursts.
Ehud is a member of the Science Working Group of the JAXA XRISM mission, to be launched in Aug. 2023, and will be working with his MIT colleagues on XRISM observations.

Ehud earned his degrees at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and conducted postdoctoral research at Columbia University before joining the Technion. He was also a Senior NPP Fellow at NASA/GSFC, and a visiting professor at the University of Maryland College Park. At the Technion he holds the Dr. Phillip and Sarah Gotlieb Memorial Chair, is former Dean of Physics, and former director of the Asher Space Research Institute.