Fall 2023 (M)onday (A)fternoon (T)alks
Mondays 3pm – 4pm in Marlar Lounge #37-252/272
in-person & via zoom
Date Speaker 1 Affiliation Presentation Title Speaker 2 Affiliation Presentation Title
09/11/2023 Manas Vishal University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth A discontinuous Galerkin method for the distributionally-sourced s=0 Teukolsky equation
09/18/2023 Jack Neustadt Ohio State University Looking beyond the lamppost Jon Zink Caltech Exoplanets in the Galaxy: Insights from Kepler and K2
09/25/2023 Adriana Dropulic Princeton StreamGen: Morphologies and orbits of semi-analytic satellite galaxies Madeleine McKenzie Australian National University Nucleosynthesis at the isotopic level: How Mg isotope ratios challenge our view of globular clusters and dwarf galaxies
10/02/2023 Zhihui Li Caltech Unveiling the Multiphase, Clumpy Structure of the Circumgalactic Medium of High-z Galaxies
10/16/2023 Jesse Han CfA, Harvard University Arpit Arora University of Pennsylvania
10/23/2023 Yi Jia Laboratory for Nuclear Science, MIT Rachel Bowens-Rubin University of California, Santa Clara
10/30/2023 Akshara Viswanathan Kapteyn Institute Yu-Hsuan Teng University of California, San Diego
11/06/2023 Heidi White Universite de Montreal Amy Secunda Princeton University
11/20/2023 Gokul Srinivasaragavan University of Maryland Ming-Feng Ho University of California, Riverside
11/27/2023 Ketan Sand McGill University Ronan Kerr University of Texas
12/04/2023 Fabienne Nail University of Amsterdam Jialu Li University of Massachusetts
12/11/2023 Konstantin Gerbig