Spring 2024 (M)onday (A)fternoon (T)alks
Mondays 3pm – 4pm in Marlar Lounge #37-252/272
in-person & via zoom
Date Speaker 1 Affiliation Presentation Title Speaker 2 Affiliation Presentation Title
2/5/2024 Xinfeng Xu Northwestern University What are the radial distributions of density, outflow rates, and cloud structures in the M82 wind?
2/12/2024 Susan Redmond CalTech To the stratosphere and beyond: Correcting quasi-static wavefront error drifts in astronomical telescopes Ajay Gill MIT AeroAstro Galaxy cluster weak lensing from the stratosphere with SuperBIT
2/26/2024 Natasha Latouf George Mason University, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Bayesian Analysis for Remote Biosignature Identification on exoEarths (BARBIE) Martin Millon Stanford University Strong gravitational lensing by AGNs as a probe of the quasar-host relations in the distant universe
3/11/2024 Tomas Soltinsky Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Prospects of a statistical detection of the 21-cm forest and its potential to constrain the cosmic heating and reionization history Chun Huang Washington University, St. Louis Cracking neutron star mysteries: Physics-driven insights into interior, surface, and exterior by X-ray Timing results
4/1/2024 Xiaojing Lin Steward/Tshinhua Quantifying the escape of Lya at z=5-6: a census of Lya escape fraction with Ha emitting galaxies spectroscopically confirmed by JWST and VLT/MUSE
4/10/2024 Qinan Wang JHU TESS as a supernovae hunter: constraining supernova progenitors with high cadence photometry at early time
4/29/2024 Garrett Levine Yale University Exoplanet aeronomy: A case study of WASP-69b
5/13/2024 Elia Pizzati Leiden Tracing the rapid evolution of supermassive black holes with High-z Quasar Clustering measurements Elena Hernandez CCA Simulating our universe: how and why?
5/20/2024 Richard Brooks Flatiron


Fall 2023 (M)onday (A)fternoon (T)alks
Mondays 3pm – 4pm in Marlar Lounge #37-252/272
in-person & via zoom
Date Speaker 1 Affiliation Presentation Title Speaker 2 Affiliation Presentation Title
09/11/2023 Manas Vishal University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth A discontinuous Galerkin method for the distributionally-sourced s=0 Teukolsky equation
09/18/2023 Jack Neustadt Ohio State University Looking beyond the lamppost Jon Zink Caltech Exoplanets in the Galaxy: Insights from Kepler and K2
09/25/2023 Adriana Dropulic Princeton StreamGen: Morphologies and orbits of semi-analytic satellite galaxies Madeleine McKenzie Australian National University Nucleosynthesis at the isotopic level: How Mg isotope ratios challenge our view of globular clusters and dwarf galaxies
10/02/2023 Zhihui Li Caltech Unveiling the Multiphase, Clumpy Structure of the Circumgalactic Medium of High-z Galaxies
10/16/2023 Jesse Han CfA, Harvard University A Galactic Mystery “Unwarped” Arpit Arora University of Pennsylvania Dark matter, dynamics, and disequilibria in the Milky Way
10/23/2023 Rachel Bowens-Rubin University of California, Santa Clara The observer that cried Wolf 359: hunting for exoplanets in the fifth-closest system using direct imaging and radial velocity William Misener University of California, Los Angeles A window into sub-Neptune interiors: coupled chemistry and structure of hydrogen-silane-water atmospheres
10/30/2023 Akshara Viswanathan Kapteyn Institute Tracing the Milky Way’s ancient footsteps: Insights from chemodynamical investigations of bright and distant metal-poor stars Eltha Yu-Hsuan Teng University of California, San Diego Revealing the drivers of CO-to-H2 conversion factor variation and its impact on star formation efficiency
11/06/2023 Heidi White Universite de Montreal Effective and meaningful engagement of underserved and disproportionately impacted communities in STEM learning Amy Secunda Princeton University Probing accretion disk structure beyond the standard thin disk model
11/13/2023 Mahdi ‘Sum’ Qezlou UCR & Carnegie Cosmology and galaxy evolution with Ly-alpha tomography Bhagya Subrayan Purdue University Maximizing scientific return from All Sky Surveys with time-critical inferencing: the “Scary Barbie” story
11/20/2023 Gokul Srinivasaragavan University of Maryland GRB 221009A/SN 2022xiw and GRB 230812B/SN 2023pel – Two ordinary SNe associated with energetic GRBs Ming-Feng Ho University of California, Riverside Multi-fidelity emulators and the cosmological constraints from Lyman alpha forest
11/27/2023 Ketan Sand McGill University A periodically repeating Fast Radio Burst Ronan Kerr University of Texas The SPYGLASS Program: Mapping the Extensive Star Formation History of the Solar Neighborhood
12/04/2023 Fabienne Nail University of Amsterdam Three dimensional simulations of exoplanetary atmosphere escape Jialu Li University of Maryland SOFIA/EXES survey of gaseous water in the massive young binary W3 IRS 5
12/11/2023 Konstantin Gerbig Yale University New diffusive instabilities in dusty protoplanetary disks: Setting the stage for planetesimal formation Gene Leung University of Texas The high redshift universe in JWST observations: The UV luminosity function and little red dots