Fall 2023 Journal Clubs
Fridays noon – 1pm in Marlar Lounge #37-252/272
Date Speaker 1 Presentation Title Speaker 2 Presentation Title
09/22/2023 no presentations, only lunch
09/29/2023 Xiaowei Ou Detection of the Keplerian decline in the Milky Way rotation curve Vincent MacKay Low-cost, Low-loss, Ultra-wideband Compact Feed for Interferometric Radio Telescopes
10/06/2023 Geoffrey Mo
10/13/2023 Nuno Loureiro Reconnection-driven energy cascade in magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
10/20/2023 Emma Chickles
10/27/2023 Kaitlyn Shin
11/03/2023 Devin Becker Salvatore Vitale
11/17/2023 Joheen Chakraborty Aysegul Tumer
12/01/2023 Meredith Neyer Claude Canizares
12/08/2023 Collin Lewin Dheeraj Reddy