Spring 2024 Journal Clubs
Fridays noon – 1pm in Marlar Lounge #37-252/272
Date Speaker 1 Presentation Title Speaker 2 Presentation Title
02/09/2024 All Hands
IAIFI special event
Carol Cuesta Lazaro MLizing cosmology: The What? How? and Why? and really, Why? Alex Gagliano Catching on quickly: Reconstructing the lives of massive stars through low-latency inference
02/23/2024 Dominika Durovcikova First rest-frame infrared spectrum of a z>7 quasar: JWST/MRS observations of J1120+0641 Kevin Burdge
03/01/2024 Noah Wolfe Mark Vogelsberger The Thesan Project
03/08/2024 Teodora Bulichi Andrew Vanderburg The Tempo Survey.I.Predicting yields of transiting exosatellites, moons, & planets from a 30 days survey of Orion with the Roman Space Telescope
03/15/2024 Honggeun Kim Jeroen Audenaert
03/22/2024 Cailin Plunkett Xinghui Yin
02/16/2024 Spring break…
04/05/2024 Jacob Willis Jacob Shen
04/12/2024 Anna Simpson Avi Shporer GJ 238 b: A 0.57 Earth radius planet orbiting an M2.5 dwarf star at 15.2 pc
04/19/2024 Sofia Alvarez-Lopez Ed Bertschinger
04/26/2024 MKI 20th anniversary celebrations
05/03/2024 Swati Ravi
05/10/2024 Kai-Feng Chen Brett McGuire


Fall 2023 Journal Clubs
Fridays noon – 1pm in Marlar Lounge #37-252/272
Date Speaker 1 Presentation Title Speaker 2 Presentation Title
09/29/2023 Xiaowei Ou Detection of the Keplerian decline in the Milky Way rotation curve Vincent MacKay Low-cost, Low-loss, Ultra-wideband Compact Feed for Interferometric Radio Telescopes
10/06/2023 Wenxuan Jia Broadband quantum enhancement of the LIGO detectors with frequency-dependent squeezing Deep Chatterjee Low-latency gravitational wave alert products and their performance in anticipation of the fourth LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA observing run
10/13/2023 Geoffrey Mo Searching for Gravitational-Wave Counterparts using the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite Nuno Loureiro Reconnection-driven energy cascade in magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
10/20/2023 Emma Chickles Searching for short-period white dwarf binaries using ATLAS and TESS Adam Lanman Overview and Commissioning Results of The CHIME/FRB Outrigger KKO
10/27/2023 Kaitlyn Shin Updating the first CHIME/FRB Fast Radio Burst catalog with voltage data Max Tegmark
11/03/2023 Devin Becker Binary black holes on the brink of death: Eccentric transition to plunge Salvatore Vitale The impact of selection biases on tests of general relativity with gravitational-wave inspirals
11/17/2023 Joheen Chakraborty EMRI+TDE=QPE: Periodic x-ray flares from star-disk collisions in galactic nuclei Ben Schneider JWST’s first glimpses of gamma-ray burst progenitors
12/01/2023 Meredith Neyer Connecting ionized bubble sizes to their environments in THESAN Claude Canizares Hidden cooling flows in clusters of galaxies
…a wider sample
…accretion on to the central black hole
12/08/2023 Ethan Taylor The emergence of Star Clusters, Dwarf Galaxies, and something in-between within the EDGE Simulation Suite Hans Moritz Gunther Estimate of the carbon footprint of astronomical research infrastructures