MKI provides a number of mailing lists for use to communicate with various groups within the community. Below is a list of lists, descriptions, and caveats regarding their use. Please note that these lists are moderated—i.e., require the approval of a list moderator before being released—but approvals are generally quick and forthcoming during normal business hours.  If you have any questions about the mailing lists below, please contact Debbie Meinbresse <>.


List name Audience
mki-all All members of the MKI community, including faculty, staff, research scientists, graduate students, postdocs, affiliates, affiliated research staff, and visitors. You can find members of the groups listed below (except for the last 3 group listed) by going to the People section of the MKI website. Choose “position” and select a group from the drop down menu.
Please be circumspect in your use of this list.
mki-resfac MKI resident faculty
mki-affilfac MKI-affiliated faculty collaborators with primary appointments in other departments.
mki-srs MKI senior research scientists
mki-prs MKI principal research scientists
mki-rs MKI research scientists
mki-srstaff MKI sponsored research staff (technical staff)
mki-postdocs MKI postdoctoral fellows and associates
mki-gradstudents MKI graduate students
mki-admin MKI administrative staff
mki-affiliates MKI affiliates
mki-affilresstaff MKI affiliated research staff (September 2020, none in this category)
mki-undergrads MKI UROPs for Summer 2020
mki-visitors MKI visitors (long-term visitors)
mki-37 People whose primary geographic location is Building 37.
mki-ne83 People whose primary geographic location is Building NE83.
mki-colloq All people within MKI (mki-all list) and people outside MKI who have expressed interest in MKI events.