Provided by the department

MKI provides IDL, widely used in the astronomical community for processing images and data, for machines connected directly to the MKI network. Most linux systems already have this software installed. For other machines, such as a desktop workstation, the software can be downloaded from the above link, and the license file can be obtained from Kenton Phillips <>. Currently only IDL versions up to 8.5 are supported.

Licenses for IDL for individual laptops or other personal computers must be purchased from the vendor. This can be accomplished with the assistance of the MKI purchasing agent Jean Papagianopoulos <>. You will need to provide her with an account number for billing your project.

Provided by the project

Specialized software is available for some projects which have purchased their own licenses. Examples include Solidworks engineering design software and CST antenna design software.

Provided by IS&T

MIT’s Information Systems & Technology provides licenses to MIT employees and students for such things as Microsoft Windows and Office, AutoCAD, Matlab, and Mathematica. You can download these applications using your MIT certificate.

A special mention should be made of CrashPlan, a backup utility which you should seriously consider installing on your personal computer. It provides automated backups to a cloud service with a convenient user interface for restoring files.

Available on Athena

MIT’s Athena computers can be used by staff and students to run such software as Matlab, Mathematica, Maple, and SAS.

Purchasing software

If you need commercial software for your personal computer or workstation you should talk to the MKI purchasing agent, Jean Papagianopoulos <>.