The IT team supports a few different core IT services. For assistance, send email to and the appropriate team member should respond.

Mac/Linux Support

The IT staff supports Mac OS and GNU/Linux as our primary operating systems. If your laptop or office desktop is experiencing difficulties, email or come see Ricky.

Windows Support

Windows is discouraged at MKI for a number of reasons, not the least being security. That said, Windows computers do occasionally appear, and should be brought to Ricky if they have problems. While we have very little experience with this operating system, we will do our best to troubleshoot.

Sun OS & Solaris Support

We still have a few ancient Sun Microsystems computers in use at MKI, mostly servers. If you are having issues with one of them, check with Kenton.


MKI maintains a great many printers in the McNair building and NE83. The LIGO printers in NW22 printers are maintained separately. To connect your machine to a printer, follow the instructions on the sheet by the printer (also available here). If you have difficulty, or if a printer is having problems, an email to will get it fixed.

MKI does not support poster size printing. During poster preparation seasons we will enable everyone to check posters on our large-screen monitors/TVs in the Marlar Lounge. They should be printed at MIT CopyTech, or the cloth poster printer of your choice. Be sure to speak with your advisor about where printing costs might be charged, as CopyTech can charge directly to MIT account numbers.


MKI hosts a network of  Linux workstations that can be used for data storage and processing; as this is a network allowing access by others (e.g. in your group) to your files is easy, as is sharing files between machines. As these are MKI-managed machines your home directory is automatically backed up. If you would like an account on these machines see Kenton.

MKI Local Cluster

The MKI Local Cluster ( is a small cluster of machines that you can use for computations that require more resources than an individual workstation (thought you can use it for that as well). The Local Cluster has 1000+ cores, with 4 GB of memory per core. The amount of available storage is greater than a PB. The cluster uses the Slurm Workload Manager and the NFS filesystem. For an account on and an introduction to the MKI cluster, see the cluster’s web page or visit Paul.