Supervisors in need of hiring new personnel should contact the MKI HR Coordinator, Amanda Holley <>, x4-5398, with a request, which initiates a job requisition through the MIT system. The following information is required from the supervisor to complete the MIT position request form:

  • Name of the supervisor
  • Account to be charged
  • Title/Classification of position
  • A well defined job description, including any special qualifications and required educational background.
  • Justification for new position
  • Interviewer name and alternative
  • Start date and work schedule
  • Recommended job advertising venues

Jobs posted on the MIT jobs site – – are automatically posted to the following:

The position request is forwarded to the Dean of Science for approval.  Once approved, Human Resources will assign a Job Number to the request and post the position.  The Hiring Manager will be able to view applications via the Applicant Tracker System (Peoplefluent) site through Atlas.

When a candidate is selected, the supervisor/interviewer supplies MKI Administration with a summary of the candidates interviewed, the reasons for not selecting them, and a brief reason for selecting the final candidate (when known, supply race and gender of candidates).

MKI then submits a memo to the Dean’s office requesting approval to hire the candidate.  Once approved, an offer letter is sent to the candidate stating the salary, start date, travel or moving limitations and other pertinent information.