Please contact fiscal personnel prior to making any purchases for a complete list of departmental rules and regulations.

  1. Placing orders
  2. Tax Exemption
  3. Deliveries
  4. Fabricated Equipment
  5. Credit Cards
  6. Purchase Reimbursements
  7. Travel Booking and Reimbursements

Placing orders

Electronic orders are placed through the ATLAS Portal:


  • Coupa, or Buy-to-Pay, used for requisitions from outside vendors.
  • Internal Services (Facilities, Guest Parking, Cryo Lab, Hobby Shop, etc.)
  • Request for Payment (RFP)
  • Travel (Concur – please see Travel Booking and Reimbursements below)

For Laboratories/Projects utilizing the MIT Machine Shop, a paper requisition must be used. Please see the Fiscal Personnel for proper forms and signatures prior to any work.

Selection of Source form is mandated on orders for $10,000 and above. Completed and signed form must accompany request to purchase.

Tax Exemption

MIT is tax exempt – when buying something for reimbursement, please use the MIT sales tax exemption number 042-103-594. MIT will not reimburse individuals for sales tax. Tax-exempt forms and additional information can be found here:

All purchases are approved within our department regardless of dollar value. Particular awards/grants require prior-authorization for purchases – see Fiscal Personnel for approval.

Contracts can only be signed/authorized by the Kavli purchasing staff.


Deliveries are made daily and are held in the area of 37-276. Packing slips must be signed by the end user and submitted to the Purchasing Agent.

Fabricated Equipment

Fabricated Equipment is defined as a new piece of equipment fabricated by a department, lab or center for use in the performance of its research contract or grant and remains in the custody and control of MIT.

Consult the VPF website to see if your equipment qualifies as fabricated equipment.

Send all requests to the Financial Officer along with:

  • a budget;
  • statement of work;
  • list of vendors;
  • schematic;
  • useful life of item;
  • where it will be built and housed; and
  • what program it will be associated with.

Credit Cards

Use of MIT purchasing and travel cards is subject to the following rules and regulations:

  • Equipment and office furniture can not be purchased using credit cards.
  • Credit card purchases are limited to orders totaling up to, but not including, $3,000.
  • Back-up documentation must be submitted to the Financial Assistant within two (2) days of purchase and include the following info:
    1. Original receipt
    2. Cost object & G/L code
    3. End user’s name

Please contact your group’s administrative assistant or purchasing agent with your credit card purchase request.

Purchase Reimbursements

Each group’s Administrative Assistant can request a reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses incurred on purchases/services strictly for project use. Please include an explanation of how the purchase benefits the project.

Travel Booking and Reimbursements

The Concur system (accessible from the Atlas full catalog) is used for online travel arrangements & reporting.

Using a preferred MIT travel agency to assist you in booking will avoid errors as these agencies are well versed with MIT policy.

If you do book your own travel, please note:

  • When booking flights, U.S.-based carriers are required for all flights departing and entering the United States,
  • Book the least expensive refundable fare
  • No upgrades (aisle seats, first class, business class, extra legroom, etc.) are allowed.

Certain grants/awards require prior authorization for travel. A budget needs to be submitted to the Financial Officer for all foreign travel. If approval is necessary, the following information must be submitted to the Financial Officer prior to booking any flights/lodging/car rentals, etc.:

  • Dates of proposed travel
  • Purpose of trip
  • Detailed budget of all expected expenses (flight cost, lodging, conference fees, meals, etc.)

Original receipts are required for all travel expenses, including meals. Purchase of alcohol is a non-reimbursable expense.

If the MIT Travel Card or the traveler’s personal credit card is used for local travel and dining expenses, receipts must be retained and provided as part of the reconciliation, regardless of the amount. Missing receipts will not be reimbursed.  In the case of local travel, check with the Fiscal Office first.  Some grants do not allow reimbursement for meals while traveling locally.

The 2019 mileage reimbursement rate is 58 cents per mile.

For travel involving car rentals:

  • Do not purchase additional insurance: it is not reimbursable. MIT is self-insured, regardless of age of driver.
  • Reserve the lowest cost automobile available.

Additional detailed information on MIT travel policies and procedures can be found on the Institute’s website.