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New Awards

In general, at MIT awards are received, reviewed and, if necessary, negotiated by the appropriate Institute official to ensure the terms and conditions are acceptable to the Institute.

Most MKI grants arrive with terms and conditions appropriate for MIT. Standardly these arrive via email with a copy to MIT’s Research Administration Services (RAS) Office where the award is entered into MIT’s Award database, KualiCoeus (KC). It is reviewed by MKI’s RAS representative prior to being made active and available for spending in MIT’s accounting system, SAP. If an award is sent directly to the Principal Investigator please forward to Kara DeNutte immediately.

MKI administration reviews the sponsor award documents and the KC award record to confirm MIT systems have accurate information including amounts funded and anticipated, period of performance, overhead rates, terms and conditions, reporting requirements, budget restrictions and payment mechanisms.

Those with Principal Investigator (PI) role on an award have access to this award information and may learn about and launch KC from here


Technical reporting deliverable management 

KC includes information about project reporting and closeout requirements. Responsibilities for submitting documents to meet award terms and conditions are shared at MIT, but ultimately the PI has responsibility for timely submission of Technical Reporting. Depending upon the type of award (grant, cooperative agreement, contract, or other transactions), reports are due on a recurring basis. Technical reports for Grants are most often due annually, 60 days prior to the anniversary date. Final Technical reports are most often due within 90 days of the expiration. Sponsors often have templates or guidelines available on line.

MKI Administration runs a report each month from KC to capture the MKI technical reports due in the coming month and will reach out to the project’s PI reminding them of reports due. Some agencies require or permit technical reports to be submitted online.

If you have any questions please contact Kara DeNutte.


No Cost Extensions

Each month MKI Administration reviews Grant Balance reports for expiring projects. If there is a balance remaining on an expiring account we will reach out to the PI to ask if there is work remaining and if a No Cost Extension is appropriate. Sponsors differ in specific requirements, forms and processes. Please contact Kara DeNutte with CC to Kelley Mahoney and Jean Papagianopoulos if you have questions or think you will need a no cost extension.


Close Out

Award Closeout is the process of completing all of the internal procedures and sponsor requirements necessary to terminate or complete a sponsored project. Closeout actions typically include: resolving any open purchase order commitments showing on the award, submitting final financial, progress, property and patent reports, and a final fiscal review of the account. If your award is complete ahead of schedule or if you have any questions please contact Kara DeNutte.