MKI’s van is available, via reservation, for work-related uses by certain employees. Eligible employees conducting MKI business with the van will be covered by MIT’s auto insurance policy.

The following employees are eligible to use the MKI van for work-related purposes: MKI faculty, Senior Research Scientists, Principle Research Scientists, Research Scientists, Engineers and other Sponsored Research Staff (Technical and Administrative), Support Staff, Technical Staff, Postdoctoral Associates, and MIT Graduate Students.

The following people are not eligible to use the MKI van (for insurance reasons): Postdoctoral Fellows, Visiting Scientists/Scholars/Faculty, MIT undergraduates, UROP students, non-MIT students, MITemps/Next Source/other temp or contracting agency employees (except with prior approval from the Administrative Officer), or anyone else who is not an MIT/MKI employee.

License Requirement: anyone driving the van must have a valid US Drivers License and, before driving it for the first time, pass a Motor Vehicle Check administered by MIT’s Office of Security Operations. Brian Surette will help you complete this process. The results of the Check are good for three years, after which it needs to be renewed.

The van is available for work-related uses only. It cannot be used for personal purposes.

To reserve the van, please email Brian Surette <> with a cc: to Jack Defandorf <> at least 2 business days in advance of when the van is needed. In your email, please note when the van is needed (what day and for approximately what time period) and who the driver will be. Brian will send you a confirmation email.

On the day the van is needed, the driver should come to Brian’s office (or Jack in Brian’s absence) in Building 37-275 to get the keys. Please bring your US Drivers License.

The van is parked in the Draper garage, located in Tech Square. The previous driver will have indicated where in the garage the van is parked.

As the driver, you are required to keep track of your starting mileage, your ending mileage, and the amount of gas in the tank when you are done with the van. If there is less than ¼ tank, we ask that you fill the tank (you will be reimbursed for any gas purchased). We also ask you to alert Brian to any problems you notice in the vehicle.
When done with the van, return the keys to Brian.