The MIT campus is now open in a limited capacity for two types of visits.  One category is for laboratory personnel who require regular access to complete their job duties.  The second category, newly available, is for any employee who needs one-time access to pick up materials, move into/out of an office, or other one time tasks.

Procedures for Individuals Needing Regular / Recurring Access

Campus access is permitted for approved personnel who are members of a lab that has submitted both

  • An approved Exercise A worksheet for space allocation of each room, and
  • An approved exercise B shift schedule specifying who will be on campus each day.

This includes members of the administrative group who need periodic access to files and other materials for their work.

At present, we are in Phase 1 of research restart and groups are permitted to staff campus at 25% of full capacity.  At the start of Phase 2 we expect this to increase to 50%.  The start date for Phase 2 has not been announced.

MIT will soon roll out a plan to enable individual access to campus for single visits, even for those not on laboratory access plans.  The aim is to support employees and students needing access to get some materials from their office, execute a move, etc.  At present this can be done via request to Jack Defandorf, but requires each person to fill out MIT’s Acknowledgement Form stating that return to campus is voluntary, complete a daily health attestation, and take a COVID PCR test at MIT Medical.  We expect the new system to be rolled out in late July.  It is possible, but not yet confirmed, that single-time access will not require the PCR test.

Individuals starting this process should be advised that the time from first request for laboratory or single-use access will probably be 24-48 hours, from when the request first comes to Jack Defandorf to when your keycard will become activated.  This will depend in part on how promptly you fill out required forms.  Kavli will be scheduling single-use visits to ensure that there is no more than one person per floor, per building, beyond normal Phase 1 or Phase 2 usage.  Times will be allocated on first-come, first served basis.

Procedures for Individuals Needing One-Time Access

MIT is once again allowing one-time access needs such as one time pick-ups, clean out an office/lab before departing or other similar situations. Coming to campus to check on equipment or pick up mail once a week or once a month should be arranged as an ongoing access request.

  • Access under this process can only be granted to an individual with an active kerberos and an MIT ID.
  • Access can only be granted at MKI by Jack Defandorf or Brian Surette
  • Once your request is processed, you will get an email to go to the COVID Pass health attestation website/app.  In COVID Pass you will need to agree to return to campus on the acknowledgment form and will be asked to complete a health attestation.  No training or viral test will be required.
  • After the completion of a health attestation, you will get an authorization for a one-time 25 hour pass to the building you were authorized to enter. At the end of the 25 hours, the access is automatically removed from the system. A new allocation would be required for any additional access. Please note you should wait until the day you plan to come in to complete the health attestation as the pass can’t be renewed and that it takes up to 30 minutes from completion of the health attestation to being able to gain access at the building’s designated access point.
  • Recurring or multiple access for the same person within a short time period under this system is very strongly discouraged.