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CMB mapping experiments: a designer's guide


Max Tegmark


We apply state-of-the art data analysis methods to a number of fictitious CMB mapping experiments, including 1/f noise, distilling the cosmological information from time-ordered data to maps to power spectrum estimates, and find that in all cases, the resulting error bars can we well approximated by simple and intuitive analytic expressions. Using these approximations, we discuss how to maximize the scientific return of CMB mapping experiments given the practical constraints at hand, and our main conclusions are as follows.

Reference info:

Preprint astro-ph/9705188, Phys. Rev. D, 56, 4514-4529 (1997)

Online references:

This site also contains the latest (non-astro/ph) versions of some papers that are referenced in the text; Hu, Sugiyama & Silk 1996, Tegmark & Bunn 1995, Tegmark & Efstathiou 1996, Tegmark 1996, Tegmark 1997a, Tegmark 1997b, Tegmark, Taylor & Heavens 1997, Bond, Efstathiou & Tegmark 1997. <

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