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A high-resolution map of the cosmic microwave background around the north celestial pole


Max Tegmark, Angelica de Oliveira-Costa, Marc Devlin, Barth Netterfield, Lyman Page & Ed Wollack


We present a Wiener filtered map of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) fluctuations in a disk with 15 degree diameter, centered at the North Celestial Pole. The map is based on the 1993-1995 data from the Saskatoon (SK) experiment, with an angular resolution around 1 degree in the frequency range 27.6-44.1 GHz. The signal-to-noise ratio in the map is of order two, and some individual hot and cold spots are significant at the 5 sigma level. The spatial features are found to be consistent from year to year, reenforcing the conclusion that the SK results are not dominated by residual atmospheric contamination or other non-celestial signals.

Reference info:

ApJ Lett, 474, L77-L80 (1997)

Online references:

This site also contains the latest versions of some papers that are referenced in the text; Hu, Sugiyama & Silk 1996, Netterfield et al 1996, White & Bunn 1995, Wollack et al 1996.

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