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Opening Page


Family and Childhood

Einstein letter (1943)

Catholic University of America in Washington (1950-1953). Chemical engineering.

Princeton University (1953-1956). Mathematics & Physics.

Observer(s) split(s) (1954)

After Princeton. Institute for Defense Analyses. Marriage. (1956)

Doctoral dissertation and first publication of his formulation of quantum mechanics (1957)

Bryce DeWitt letter (1957)

Daughter Liz (1957) and mathematical models (1956-1964)

Quanta of theoretical physics (1958-1960s)

Visit to Bohr. Lagrange multipliers (Spring 1959). Son Mark (1963).

Lambda Division, then Lambda Corporation. Arlington. (1964-1973).

DeWitt reminds physicists about Everett (1970s)

DBS Corporation. Don Reisler. McLean, VA (1973-1982)

World learns of MWI (1976)

Family life of the Everetts (1960s-1980s)

Everett's businesses of the 1970s. Elaine Tsiang.

Return to QM. Austin seminar. David Deutsch (1977).

Burglary. Loss of relatives. (1977-1978)

Fame (1978-)

Liz moves to Hawaii. Hugh is planning return to QM. (1979)

First Personal Computers. (1970s)

Keith Lynch remembers 1979-1980.

Loss of father (1980). Last years (1980-1982). Posthumous.

Acknowledgements and final remarks.