Burglary. Loss of relatives. (1977-1978)

That year, 1977, which probably brought a peak of recognition to Everett, ended badly. On December 4, the DBS office was burglarized (the thief left on a wall an inscription: "YOU LOST SOMETHING" [136]), and on December 30 Everett's uncle, Charles Everett (1911-1977), who had served for forty years as a printer at "The Washington Post" and had just retired in March, died of cancer at Fairfax Hospital in Virginia [137].

Half a year later, on July 20, 1978, his wife followed him [138] - literally on the eve of the engagement of her grandson (the Everetts show a sort of strange "relativeness" of key dates). That summer Everett's children went to Hawaii to visit Liz's Army boy friend, and Everett with his wife visited the Misners in Maryland, where they saw Wheeler, who was there to receive an honorary degree from the University of Maryland [54].

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