Quanta of theoretical physics (1958-1960s)

Everett's connection to theoretical physics weakened year by year. Early in 1958 Everett received an inquiry and sent his article on relative states to the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Budapest [64, 65]. In the spring of that year, Wheeler visited Everett at the Pentagon. They carried out a brisk conversation and had lunch with George Pugh [66]. (It is perhaps during this visit that Wheeler learned that Everett "had reprogrammed nearly all the computers" in the Pentagon [24a, pp. 270-271].) In January 1959 Wheeler wrote Everett [67] about interesting work of Michael May (the capability to state how the outcome of a measurement is connected to the accuracy of the apparatus [68]), and incidentally invited Everett to speak in the beginning of May at Princeton at a special seminar on the theory of relative states. It is not known whether Everett did (or could) accept this invitation. In fact, by May 1959 his career in physics had received one more setback.

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