1. Les Orangiers: our hotel in St. Paul de Vence 2. St. Paul de Vence: one of the orangiers 3. The inner harbor of Villefranche-sur-Mer

4. Roman frigidarium in Cimiez, Nice 5. An evening in Cannes 6. Lavendar fields in the
Col d'Olivier

7. Dusk near Moustiers Ste Marie 8. The lavendar garden in Ganagobie monastery 9. Doorway in Lourmarin

10. House in Cucuron 11. Jacques and Michelle in Martigues 12. Arlene and Peter in

13. House in Martigues 14. Lavendar fields in Céreste 15. On the road to

16. Sunflowers in Reillanne 17. Our other hotel: l'Auberge de Reillanne 18. Simiane la Rotonde

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