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Main Science Interests

Astrophysics (understand....)
compact objects, accretion discs, stellar evolution
Astronomy (observe....)
X-ray, optical, infrared
Atomic Spectroscopy (diagnose....)
plasma diagnostics, very high magnetic fields, gravitational effects
Space Science (explore....)
X-ray missions, telescope & instrument development

Focus of Research

X-ray Binaries
LMXBs, HMXBs, Be-type, black hole candidates, binary pulsars, transients, accretion mechnisms, ADCs, X-ray bursts, Comptonization
Neutron Stars
isolated, accreting, pulsars, atmospheres, synchrotron emission
Star Forming Regions
Very young open stellar clusters, Bok globules, PMS stars, luminosity functions
X-ray telescopes
X-ray mirror development, X-ray detectors, instrument calibration

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