Loving ISIS - Confessions of a Former XSPEC User


Download the ISIS Startup Files and Example Data

Here is a gzipped, tar file that contains the following files:

These files are meant to be unpacked in your main directory. In the main .isisrc file, there is a path variable that needs to be edited to point to your main directory, so that the other .isisrc_* files will be loaded as well. Important Note: These files contain on only my own custom S-lang routines. You still need to download and install ISIS separately!

The data shown and analyzed on these pages is found here.

The script used to perform these analyses is found here.

A brief description of the custom ISIS functions found in the above .isisrc files is found here.

For links to more web pages with other useful ISIS modules and scripts, take a look at the ISIS Power Tools page.

Next up: List of Custom Function in My ISIS Startup File.

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