Amazon Vacation
February, 1996

Here are some images from photographs which I took during my vacation to the Amazon rainforests of Peru in February, 1996. The tour was booked through International Expeditions, Inc.

The river trip started at the city of Iquitos, on the Amazon. From there we travelled up-river to the Ucayali River, and then on to the Tapiche River. Eventually we made it to the Yanayacu River, which is small enough that you won't find it on many maps, but it's still a fair-sized river. Animals are scarcer than you might suspect, and the ones you do find are hiding off in the shadows of the tree branches, so it's difficult to get good photographs. Still, some of them came out reasonably well.

I went with a tour group of fourteen people, and we spent a week aboard a 90ft vessel travelling up and down the river. Most days were spent on a small (40 ft.) launch motoring around tributaries and lakes.

After the cruise we spent a few days scoping out Inca ruins around Cusco. Being the rainy season it tended to be cloudy most of the time, but I still got a few nice shots.

Click on the small images to get larger ones. In the descriptions, numbers in parentheses are the dimensions of the image (pixels wide by pixels high) and the size of the file (in kilobytes).

A close-up of ants on the forest floor. (887x591; 105KB)

Sunset on the Ucayali River. (1176x632; 59KB)

A black-collared hawk. It showes up better on the print, but the bird is still dark because of the backlighting of the sky. (1444x962; 257KB)

We went piranha fishing one day. I caught one, although some people caught several.s We ate them for dinner that night. Piranha have a very delicate flavor, but they're small and mostly bones. (1152x824; 85KB)

The hoatzin is a very unusual bird, often described as ``prehistoric''. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, ``Hoatzins possibly go back to the Eocene Epoch (which began 57.8 million years ago) of France, certainly to the Miocene (which began 23.7 million years ago) of Colombia. '' (1152x788; 150KB) (Large image:2287x1564; 405KB).

The Urubamba Valley as seen from Machu Picchu. You can see the railroad as well as the river, a couple thousand feet down. (800x1198; 160KB)

The ruins at Machu Picchu. The peak in the back right has farming terraces all the way up to the top. (1437x944; 236KB)

Farmland outside the Quechua Indian village of Willoq. (1190x765; 195KB)

A marsh outside of Cusco. (1764x1163; 202KB)


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