Arcus optical layout

Arcus is a high resolution X-ray grating spectrometer mission that was proposed to NASA as a MIDEX in 2016 and selected for a Phase A concept study. See the Arcus website for a general introduction of the mission and a curated list of articles and presentations describing several aspects of the mission in detail.

On this page, I (Hans Moritz Günther) collect the material that I have prepared for the Arcus mission, including 3D interactive graphics that you can play with yourself to get a better intuition how the optical layout in Arcus really works, and memos that define Arcus parameters for the optical layout or study the performance based on ray-tracing.

Use of this material

Please let me know if you need high-resolution versions of any of the plots or the data to recreate the plot (hgunther [at] mit [dot] edu). Note that the website only displays plots, not the actual data (fits file), that would be too big for this space.

I will update this website with any substantial new run of my simulations and I will also add material to it as a look at more aspects, but please remember that this is a work in progress. There are several things worth cleaning up (e.g. display the version of the software used to make the 3d plots).

Ray-tracing software used in this research