IXO/CAT: Scientific Simulations


IXO/CAT Simulations

whim simulation Norbert's IXO simulations and links...

Supernova 1987a Supernova 1987a shocked plasma velocities (from D.Dewey)

AB Dor Doppler simulations AB Dor Doppler line profiles (from D.Huenemoerder)

GagneHot Stars Massive stars (M.Gagne et al. Jan 2009 AAS poster)

Huenemoerder flares Flares on active stars (D.Huenemoerder et al. Jan 2009 AAS poster)

H.Marshall CAT science Science Invistigations with the IXO/CAT (H.Marshall et al. Jan 2009 AAS poster)

Others to be supplied ...

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