HETG: E0102 for Calibration

Images of combined plus/minus first-order events from MEG (top, 162.6 k-events) and HEG (bottom, 50.3 k-events) from Obsids 120, 968, 3828, and 12147. The wavelength range shown is from 5 A (left) to 23 A (right.)

HETG: E0102 for Calibration


The SNR E0102 is a useful calibration source for X-ray instruments (e.g., these) because of its compact size, many bright low-energy lines, and relatively constant flux and spectrum. The lack of a bright "iron forest" reduces the number of lines in the spectrum making its modeling more accurate for lower resolution detectors.

This web page has links to work using the HETG observations of E0102 to check and improve models of the E0102 spectrum.

See also the Twiki for Calibration using SNR 1E 0102-7219.

Combined zeroth-order image, 205 k-events, 420 ks of data.

Three epoch's of HETG E0102 observations: 1999.8(green), 2003.0(red), 2011.1(blue).

"Where's the Fe?"

  • Use Astro-H responses[*] to generate a fake "E0102-IACHEC" spectrum
    and fit it with a single vpshock model with the 4 elements: O, Ne, Mg, and Fe.
    6/25/12: Added the 6-1 to 10-1 transitions of O VII and O VIII to the vpshock model --
    this gives better agreement in the 0.7 to 0.9 keV range while still needing some Fe: [*] files: sxt-s_100208_ts02um_of_intallpxl.arf and ah_sxs_7ev_basefilt_20090216.rmf .
  • Add merged 3-epochs images to show the
18--22 May

Three-Epoch's of HETG-E0102 Data

  • Initial results (.txt) from doing fancy fitting in ISIS. See Notes in the .txt file.
  • Example plots for Obsid 3828 MEG -1: Overall plot, Residuals plot.
    Key to Overall plot: Dispersed events histogram (black),
    E0102 model spectrum (green), ARF no-FRACEXPO (magenta),
    Forward-folded model w/custom RMF (orange), Coarse data bins (blue), Coarse fit-model bins (red).
    The residual plot shows just the coarse data bins (black) and the best-fit model bins (red).
  • Example best-fit .par file: summary_3828_meg_-1_fitted.par.
  • Extraction steps: Source and for background.
  • FYI, these analyses are in dd's $SCI/E0102/e2d_120112/ directory;
    relevant file have been copied for reference to here: PHA_sw_120124 .

28 May,


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24 Jan. 2012

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