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Keeping an editor by your side

ISIS/Event-2D is generally used by inputting text at the command line; these commands are often "off the top of the head" as the user explores the data, etc. However, even in an interactive paradigm, it is very useful to keep track of the useful/chosen processing steps by recording the commands, comments, results in an ASCII text file (usually created with a .sl extension indicating SLang.) It is very easy to copy/paste commands to or from the editor window (left button drag in source window and then a middle button click in destination window). In this way analyses (or portions thereof) can be interactively repeated with minimal typing. Any text editor can be used, but the xjed editor is convenient because it color-codes the SLang code.

Although the .sl files/scripts in the examples below can be executed using the ".source" command, the user is encouraged to view them to see their internal comments and to access additional interactive command suggestions (that are commented out so that they do not run when the file is .source'd.)

ACIS imaging observation,
SNR E0102

Some older examples

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