ISIS Spectra from Badenes' Models

This page summarizes the creation of X-ray spectra from the layers of Badenes' Type Ia ejecta models. The spectra are created using available "CEI" data and routines in ISIS and modified for the actual non-equilibrium conditions of each layer. It's a lazy guy's first atempt to bend the available s/w to these needs... Note also the mix of IDL and ISIS routines - this could all be done in ISIS (which uses S-Lang and is not so different from IDL) to create a more seemless procedure. 6/21/2004 - dd
Badenes test input: layer 110 of DDTcb model
The test input files from Badenes are given here - they describe a single layer of a model at several different times.

Create ISIS parameters from the layer information
This is done by reading the Badenes' data file into an IDL structure and then outputting a file for each layer with variables for input to ISIS modeling set: The output parameter files are:
DDTcb...200_L110.i DDTcb...430' DDTcb...1000' DDTcb...2000'
The parameters in these files are:

Create ISIS spectrum for each layer
This is done in ISIS making use of the previous parameter files: The output spectrum files are:
DDTcb...200_L110spect.dat DDTcb...430' DDTcb...1000' DDTcb...2000'
They contain two columns:

Sum all layers together
In general if calculating the flux from all layers of a model then the various 'LNNNspect.dat files would be summed and put into a 'spectlam.dat file. For this single-layer case just copy the 'L110spect.dat files into 'spectlam.dat ... (In general the simple IDL routine is used... Like I said, it's not optimized!)

Convert to spectrum vs Energy; include instrument effects
Back in IDL read in the wavelength-flux file and convert it to Energy units, multiply by approximate EPIC MOS effective area and smooth to represent CCD resolution. Output plots and energy spectra files: The output energy-spectrum files are:
DDTcb...200_spectvse.dat DDTcb...430' DDTcb...1000' DDTcb...2000'
The energy-spectrum files contain two columns: Plots of the wavelength spectrum and the smoothed energy spectrum are available:
DDTcb...200_spectplots.pdf DDTcb...430' DDTcb...1000' DDTcb...2000'
Note that the high-resolution wavelength spectrum (top panel) has been converted to energy units and plotted at high resolution for reference with the smoothed energy version (bottom panel.)

Make a comparison plot...
The four spectra above are plotted together in: 'ddSpectra.pdf ,
(created by This can be compared with Badenes's plot: 'Spectra.pdf.
Hmmm... There are differences... but the Si complex around 2 keV looks very similar for the 2000 year case...